Best Ways to Maintain A Small 3D Printer

Best Ways to Maintain A Small 3D Printer

A three-dimensional printer can be a choosy piece of hardware. For sure, you wouldn’t want to deal with a filament problem or to experience a breakdown in the midst of doing your project. Just like with any type of machine, even if you just have a small 3D printer, you still have to take care of it. The rule is also applicable to most 3D printers.

This is where maintenance comes it. In order to lower the cost of the hardware, there are some companies that try to get away with low-quality components, thus requiring owners to do much more than the usual maintenance. Good thing that there are some effective ways that can help you better take good care of your printer.

Keep it Lubricated

The same with that of a car engine, there is a lot of metal moving parts that could lead to stoppages, especially if the rods and linear bearings are not kept from seizing up. A drop or two of the lubricant on the rails and rods would do the trick.

Other types of lubricants may work as well. Just be sure that they are safe to be used with plastic. Also, do not overdo it as too much grease could gum up the works by attracting grime and dust.

Clean the Filament Nozzle

Clogs can affect the quality of 3D printed products. Even just a small clog could foul up the design or make it less structurally sound. If there is even just a bit of a curve as the filament comes down from its nozzle, it is a sign of a problem.

Luckily, there is a straightforward approach to maintenance for your small 3D printer. Just take the nozzle out. You will be needing some tape, a glass jar, a razor blade, and high-quality acetone.

Pick the Extruder Gear Clean

This part could be sabotaged by debris that builds up through time. First off, unscrew the extruder from your printer. Then, take the cover of the extruder. You will need hex keys to take off the screws that hold the fan in place. Considering the model, you may have to do a bit more of dismantling you can take the extruder.

Update the Firmware

The same with a home computer, for sure you want to keep the firmware up to date. In case the machine is buggy and you are keeping the hardware maintained, then there is a good chance that others might have recognized the problem and this should be solved with regular download.

These are just simple ways to maintain the condition of your 3D printer but they can make a lot of difference when applied properly. Thus, be sure that you invest a considerable amount of time in maintaining your printer.

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