CNC Cutting Machine Can Help in Making Your Granite Kitchen Countertop

For so many years, CNC cutting machines dominated the manufacturing industry.  This technological advancement involves the use of computer-controlled systems by utilizing numeric data. By doing so, it is capable of carrying out precision cuts consistently. Basically, what happens here is that the controller will input the gathered desired measurements for the cut. From here onwards, the computer system will take care of the rest.

Utilizing CNC Cutting Machine in Making Kitchen Countertops

The industry of granite countertop manufacturing has deemed CNC-cutting technology as an important pillar of their business. They have this constant need to create tight seams that are not just reliable but are also very much durable for many years to come. Vast numbers of these countertop manufacturing firms are employing this computerized technology to allow to have full control of their equipment.

There is another advantage to the use of CNC cutting technique. It allows granite countertop manufacturing firms to custom build their granite slab with respect to their customers’ desires or requests. Any quality granite processing firm will tell you that making seams that are not seen easily by the naked eye or are not conspicuous and being able to refine the stone to perfection will require great skill to be able to carry it out.

CNC Cutting Machine Can Help in Making Your Granite Kitchen Countertop

The CNC cutting technology takes away all the hassles of manual work by automating it. Cutting and trimming of the granite slabs will be guided by a computer system, including how the high pressure water will be released. Even the slightest human error on this aspect could later on translate to a lot of damage to the material being cut as well as on the equipped being used.  

CNC Machining in Relation to Countertop Production

There are several types of stones that can be manufactured into countertops. The most common of which is granite, and the second most preferred stone would be no less than the ever popular, marble.

Several factors must be taken into account in order to achieve a perfectly positioned countertop.

• Kitchen sink cutouts

• Seams to appear seamless

• Cabinet positioning to allow for  proper positioning of granite / stone slab

Since it is normal for a stone kitchen countertop to be heavy and ponderous, providing a support structure to it would be necessary so as to make it last a longtime.

Your kitchen sink’s alignment and cutting of its opening are one of its critical elements in terms of function and aesthetic value of the kitchen.

Finally, the countertop is given an edging finish. There are several ways that edging finishes for granite stone can be carried out, such as:

  • Fully round
  • Half round
  • Fully Beveled
  • Half-round but with beveled bottom

The stone slab, whether granite or marble, should be cut as per given image, and then edged. Cut-out pieces that are intended for use in un undermount sink are drilled

The underlying reason why precision measurements must be taken in advance will become clear as the under-mount sinks perfectly match. All stone slabs have a coarse back side as well as the underside of the overhang. By virtue of polishing, this can easily become smooth to touch and feel.

In order for the seams to become seamless, the CNC cutting machine utilizes polishing tools with the intention of making the joints surfaces smooth.  


Currently, CNC cutting technology is the best there is in the industry. As far as technological advancement is concerned, it is would be very difficult to match the quality of cuts that it can make, seamless and precise cuts. From the manufacturing point of view, this technology allows you to make a potentially unlimited amount of duplicated countertops. This is working to the advantage of countertop manufacturing firms because they help reduce your company’s production costs.  

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