Hydrotherapy Offerings in Outdoor Spa Sydney Shops

Hydrotherapy treatments are among the most commonly offered and most availed treatments in most outdoor spa Sydney shops. It is one of the well established tools utilized by physiotherapists and are usually given to people with mobility problems as well as for patients undergoing physical rehabilitation therapies.

Hydrotherapy Offerings in Outdoor Spa Sydney Shops

If you are a patient going for a hydrotherapy bath, the natural bouyantness of water will significantly help in alleviating the pressure on your joints. This is of immense benefit to you even before your therapist commences your physiotherapy exercises.

Your sore muscles will be put on a relaxed mood and your stiff muscles will be eased out. If you combine this with a set of repeated exercises, you will develop your muscle strength which is crucial in recovering from an injury.

Many spa shop Sydney outlets have a variety of equipment that are being used for  hydrotherapy purposes and this includes any of the following:

Outdoor Spa Sydney Centers Offering Hydrotherapy Pools

Such equipments are usually designed with an ergonomically moulded seat whilst streams or jets of water are gushing forth, from medium to strong, giving your body a forceful, relaxing massage.  Others will give you what can be described as a more diffused massage effect. If the facility is offering as well swan’s neck shower, be sure to check it out. It will release over your neck and shoulders a powerful jet of water with just a deft hit of a button, giving you in effect the deep water massage you are yearning for.  

Swim Spa Shops with Scotch Hose

This is an interesting type of hydrotherapy treatment. It makes you stand back against a wall while you are holding onto positioned handles.You have your spa therapist with you equipped with  a hand-held shower head so he can direct jets of water onto you. He will keep a good amount of distance from you so as to control the strength of water jet he is directing towards you. With that, he can target specific parts or regions of your body.  

Swiss Showers  Water Spa Outlets

This type of hydrotherapy equipment in spa centers in Sydney lets you stand inside a booth. Inside it there are a couple of shower heads, about 12 – 15.  These shower heads are all over the booth, some are positioned overhead while others are located at the sides. All of them will direct streams of water on your body. The water jets usually have a varying degree or force. Their temperature also varies.  

Can Pregnant Women Enjoy Hydrotherapy Treatments, too?

Whilst hydrotherapy is highly reputed in the health and wellness industry due to various health promoting benefits, pregnant women should veer away from strong water jets.

Individuals with underlying injury are advised not to try it out on their own unless they have a trained professional with them to assist and guide them. Generally speaking, anyone who wanted to try a hydrotherapy treatment should consult  first their trusted doctor about it, especially when you have an underlying health concern.

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